How to Cook Delicious Egusi Soup

How to Cook Delicious Egusi Soup

Welcome to My Belle My Kitchen’s Blog and today we are cooking one of Nigerian’s delicious soup call Egusi soup.

Egusi Soup, also known as melon seed soup, Is one of Nigerian most popular delicious soup, healthy and easy to cook is sure to make your mouth water. Made with a variety of vegetables, this meal is enriched with nature’s earthy goodness and will definitely leave you licking your fingers.

Egusi soup is prepared in various ways by each tribes using different methods but most of the ingredients are the same.

And I prefer the frying method (which I love and that is the one we are cooking today.)

If you are cooking any soup for the first time. I advise you start with a small quantity and if you get it right, congratulations you can now cook large quantity.

So let’s know our ingredients and prepare them for cooking


2 milk cups of Egusi seed,(I prefer hand peel)

400 g of beef, goat meat, or assorted or Fish (any protein of your choice)

Pomo(cow Skin)

Stock Fish


1 small bunch of Ugwu leaves(pumpkin leave)

Washed Bitter leaves

1 cooking spoon palm oil,

2 Knorr Stock Cubes,(the 2 in 1 cubes which make total of 4 cubes

1 small onions,

4 large fresh tomatoes,

Fresh Pepper.(ata rodo)

Please note that all ingredients used are fresh cause I don’t really like processed, packed or canned food and also I will be using simple English cause I want everyone to be able to under what am explaining. Thanks for your understanding.

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Preparing our ingredients

Starting with the Egusi. If you buy the seeds from the local market, You either allow them to ground it for you with the crayfish or you get the grounded one. But I prefer to buy the seeds(hand peels cause it has its unique taste and oil) and ask them to ground it for me with the crayfish. ( You can order from our groceries store here, all the ingredients. we clean, cook, fry or prepare all items for your easy and fast cooking and consumption.

Next, clean all your proteins and set aside. (I recommend you wash the stockfish with hot water and salt. Also, make sure you wash the pomo thoroughly to remove sand and shred into small pieces.

Slice your Ugwu leaves and wash it thoroughly to remove sand and step aside. Do same with the Bitter leave.

Slice some onions and step aside, then ground the tomatoes and pepper(using your blender)

Now all our ingredients are all clean. It’s time to start cooking. Hope you are ready….


Let’s start the cooking

Pour the meat and pomo in the pot, add sliced onions, seasoning(2 stock cubes) and a pinch of salt to taste, cook until soft to your choice.

Now pour out the meat and stock in a bowl and put the pot back on fire(I prefer using the same pot to prevent too many dirty pots lying around.)

Let the water dry up and then pour in your palm oil and heat for 2minutes, add the cooked meat(meat only not with the stock, cause I like to fry my meat a little to give it an extra fried meat taste) allow to fry for 2minutes. Please stir while frying to prevent it from sticking to the pot.

Add your stockfish, pomo and fry altogether a little. Then add sliced onions, grounded tomato paste, crayfish, seasoning (the remaining 2 cubes )and allow to fry dry.

Next, add the Egusi and keep frying. Fry for about 3-5minutes and keep stirring to prevent it from burning.

Now add your stock and little water and stir all together.

Add the Ugwu and bitter leaves and a pinch of salt to taste. Cook for 5minues

And yeeeeeeeeah our delicious yummy Egusi soup is ready.

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You can serve with any swallow of your choice like Fufu, Garri (eba), Semovita or Semolina, pounded yam, Wheat, Amala or Rice (which I like most times. I really don’t like swallow.)

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