How to Get Pregnant Naturally.

How to Get Pregnant Naturally.

Hi Dear fruitful, Welcome to my blog. Today I will be teaching you what to do to get your dream baby without using any medications. Yes, You heard me right, I mean without medications. This method am about to show has is what I have done and used. not just for pregnancy but to also determine the sex of the baby I wanted.

I know this may sound odd, and yes I can feel that look on your face like “did she know what is writing or is she on drugs?

Well, I need to let you know that I know what am doing and I did not just get in here to write what I don’t know. and like I said before, is a method I have used.

What am about to show you are from my own personal experience and besides am not charging you a dime for it.

And I assure you will get 100% result if applied properly and follow the rules.

I know most us will not take it serious cause is not coming from a prophet, Pastor or an Imam but one thing you should have at the back of your mind is what work for you, is only working because of the faith you have in it.

Remember what you believe works for you. But wait and rethink and say to yourself, “What will it cause me if I try the method, After all, its free and like they say, There is no harm in trying.

You see most of us give up at the edge of success. So please don’t let your case be like that. Read to the end and practice it and I will be expecting your testimony in the next two month. And  If not contact me and will walk through it together.

it’s not a huge task so don’t be scared okay. .

Now let’s get to business,

First, Free your mind from worries and erase totally negative thoughts from your mind, anything that is bothering you concerning your current state. No matter what it is. (I hate worries cause they never solve any problems instead damage your health and steal your joy.) So like I said to stop worrying about anything. Yes, I mean anything. Active Happy mode. In fact, I want you to do it to the extent that people around you and even your hubby will be asking if you are okay,

Secondly, feel free and feel your heart with joy. ( you can do this by constantly playing a good song you love, joyful, inspiring, soul-lifting beautiful songs-).

Thirdly, Start Thanking God for all you have presently.(no matter your religion) And also thank God for what you about to get (your beautiful baby Boy or Girl).

Fourth, Imagine you beautiful baby in your arms, carrying him/her on your back, playing with him/her, with smile on your face, be happy, feel the joy as if he/she is here already. Rub your hands in your tummy, feel the atmosphere with joy and love for your baby.(this exercise help to attract their attention).

Fifth, Start buying little baby things like clothes, Toys, etc. also play a lot with children you like, buy little gift for them.

Sixth, Get babies pictures from magazines or anywhere and paste them around your room especially your bed areas and stir at the pictures first thing in the morning when you wake and say a thank you prayer, something like this (God I thank you for all you have given me, I also thanks you for my beautiful baby coming my way. Thank you God cause I know am blessed an favoured.) you can be touching your tummy while you say all this. And also do this last thing at night before you go to bed.

For the Christians, Write and paste close to the babies pictures this, I Ask and It Shall be given unto me, I seek and I shall find, I knock and it shall be open unto me.

Seventh, whenever you and your husband are making love, set your mind that your receiving your baby, imagine having your baby, enjoy everything with a smile on your face, and you can also say in your hearth “welcome my angel, mummy loves you,

And lastly, don’t allow any negative thinking or saying get to you,

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And always Remember that I  love you so much.

I will be expecting your testimonies, thanks

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  1. I believe god will do anything if I have faith

    1. Sure, Its all about Faith and actions. Hold very strong to faith and acting towards it by playing around kids, buying things in advance, and always keep telling yourself and God that you are holding on to Him. I will always have in my prayers too.

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